Ana Odlazek wins Austrian Inline Cup, 2 more in top5

15. August 2016

Ana Odlazek is winner of Austrian Inline Cup 2017. What is even more remakrable is that Tadeja Donko finished 4th overall, while young Neza Tretnjak finished 5th. The great results of women team are still unmatched by men, but Peter Korez with 8th place is getting closer to podium and Grega Jancigar's 19th place is also a top achievement among more than 250 competitors.

Austrian Inline Cup started with Linz halfmarathon where Ana Odlazek finished 2nd again and Tadeja Donko 4th, but then the 3 day Tour de Austria boosted changes of our competitors even more. Ana Odlazek won the competition by winning on all 3 days, while Tadeja Donko managed to gain enough time on last day to finish 2nd. Neza Tretnjak's consistent preformance in all 3 days ended her on 5th place. While all our members missed on Innsbruck race, they were back on podium in Munich where Ana Odlazek again finished 2nd (only beaten by German Katja Ulbrich), Tadeja Donko finished 7th and Neza Tretnjak finished 27th. Before the last race in Salzburg our competitors held top4 places, so Tadeja Donko decided to skip the race and still finished 4th, while Neza Tretnjak 32nd place was enough to earn her 5th spot on general classification. As some of the world's best skaters were present, Ana Odlazek finished 4th in Salzburg, well ahead of other competitors for general classification and secured the overall win of Austrian Inline Cup 2016.

Men's races were more mixed where podium finishers in Spring had a really bad performances in Autumn. Peter Korez attended just 3 races out of possible 5, but top15 in all 3 earned him 8th place overall. He finished 14th in Linz, 12th in Tour de skate Austria and 15th in Munich. Grega Jancigar 19th place overall in Austrian Inline Cup was achieved with 23rd place in Linz, 13th in Tour de skate Austria and 74th in Salzburg, which was his worst performance of the season.