15. August 2016

Ana Odlazek wins Austrian Inline Cup, 2 more in top5

Ana Odlazek is winner of Austrian Inline Cup 2017. What is even more remakrable is that Tadeja Donko finished 4th overall, while young Neza Tretnjak finished 5th. The great results of women team are still unmatched by men, but Peter Korez with 8th place is getting closer to podium and Grega Jancigar's 19th place is also a top achievement among more than 250 competitors.

18. June 2016

World Inline Cup Ostrava, Ana Odlazek 7th

Third race for World Inline Cup was in Ostrava. In a sunny weather and not so high temperatures Ana Odlazek again chose agressive tactics to fight for best positions. Her first attack was successfull, but then Katharina Rumpus attacked from bunch with Katerina Novotna in the draft and they soon caught and passed Ana who was unable to follow their pace. Soon after she dropped back to bunch where they were all racing for final spot on podium. That meant the pace dropped a lot from time to time as nobody wanted to lead.

12. June 2016

World Inline Cup Dijon, Ana Odlazek 14th

Dijon is an iconic race in East France. The circuit is located right in city-center between two roundabouts. There is a slight incline on one side and since there are 18 laps it gets quite difficult towards the end. Our Ana Odlazek started in a main peloton which stayed compact until 6th lap, when she decided to attack and try a breakaway.

22. May 2016

World Inline Cup Rennes, Ana Odlazek 8th

Ana Odlazek will race in World Inline Cup in season 2016 and first European race was in Rennes. Heavy rain and hard 2.3km circuit meant for a hard race without a strong team attacks kept going and were caught.  Ana Odlazek held the main peloton until 2 laps to go, when for a brief moment she lost contact and even though she reached the peloton she wasted too much energy to contest in final sprint. She finished 8th, right after main bunch.

31. October 2015

General ranking German Inline Cup

German Inline Cup is still very prestigious event and this year our competitors have taken few more races from it to get a good feeling. And it really was a good feeling as Ana Odlazek finished 7th, although he did not go to all races, Tadeja Donko finished 20th with even less races raced. On men team Peter Korez was 98th (raced on just 2 races), while others raced just Berlin marathon and were ranked lower.